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How This Site Works


   This site is designed to help the seller bring to market his inventory without the need to pay for the privilege of displaying his wares. The buyer is able to find the parts he needs from multiple sellers without having to search the Internet or call a list of suppliers. The buyer or seller are also able to view an illustrated catalog in order to pinpoint the specific part and application he may need.

   All parts are cross-referenced across the site, if that brake adjuster from your Morris Minor fits an MGA or Spridget, when you load the part into your database as a Morris Minor part it will automatically appear in any catalogs where the part is used. All parts are also crossed with many various part numbers so that when the buyer searches with, for instance, a Moss Motors number, the part will be found. Some parts have as many as ten cross referenced numbers!

How to Sell

   The site is designed to enable the seller to list his parts with a minimum amount of labor, you should be able to list a part in less than 15 seconds each which means more parts placed up for sale. Other sites can take as much as fifteen minutes to list a part! You can access the sellPart page from either the search page, a catalog page or from the sellPart page itself. The seller can list more then one part per part number, there is a quantity available field. Parts can be New, Used, Remanufactured, Performance or any combination of the above, just select a type and explain the details in the remarks field. Remarks are a searchable field. Sellers can add a core charge for remanufactured parts. Sellers can also add the cost price of the part, this information will not be shared with anyone, it is for the sellers own use. Parts listings will be renewable at no charge.

How to Buy

   The buyer is then able to access your part by either searching the database for a specific part number or description, or by finding the part he needs from the catalogs. He then can add this to his shopping cart. He can purchase from various sellers and bundle it into one transaction. Each seller will charge the full shipping rate, depending on the cost of shipping for the first part and then each additional part from that shipper will be calculated at a fraction of the initial parts shipping cost. For instance if the first part cost $6.99 to ship each additional part will cost $1.00 to ship. The first shipping charge from each seller will be the part with the highest shipping cost. So if there is a part that costs $2 to ship and your other part from that seller costs $12 to ship you will be charged $12 for the first part plus $.25 for the second part.

Where to List

   The only parts that can be sold thru the Parts Store listings are those that are currently in the master database, all other parts must be sold thru the auction section of the site. If you have multiple parts for a specific car we suggest you print out a copy of that cars catalog, if available, and use this to inventory your parts and then transfer this information into your database. Most Moss Motors catalogs and part numbers will work.

Exchange Rates

   The monetary values shown, when you are logged in, are those based on the rate selected when you registered and may be changed by editing your profile. When you are logged off they will be shown in US dollars. Conversions are based on the Euro with data provided by The European Central Bank and are updated daily.

   The exchange rate adjustments are not yet available in the shopping cart.

Shipping Charges

   Shipping charges are preset at $6.99 per item, for the first item sold, but for larger or smaller items it is suggested that you modify this cost to reflect a cost closer to the real cost of shipping. Any handling charges should be included in the shipping charge. Charges reflect shipping within the country of origin only and may be adjusted for international shipping by the seller after the completion of the sale.

Cost of Use

   The site is currently free to use, no charge to either buyer or seller, however in the future the seller will be charged a percentage of the sale and the credit card transaction will be handled thru's site. We suggest that until that time you use either PayPal, a similar payment system or checks and money orders to complete the transaction. The buyer and seller should make arrangements with each other on how the buyer would like to pay for his or her purchase.

Coming Soon

   You will soon be able to include a link to an image of your part and this image will be available for the buyer to view.

   In the works is an automatic notification system so that if the part is not available from any sellers, the buyer can place an RFP ("Request For Part") that will go out in a daily email to any seller interested in receiving these notifications. Then the buyer and seller can "Make the Deal".

   There may soon be a charge for large quantities of parts included in the database to each seller. For instance if the sellers inventory exceeds 1000 line items there may soon be a monthly fee for inventories in excess of this quantity. Charges will be determined in the future and sellers will be notified before these charges are put in place. Buyers will probably not incur any extra charges.

Catalogs in the Works

The following catalogs are "In the Works":

Bulk Data

   Bulk data integration is available at no cost if your parts inventory is in a database or other electronic format, please contact us for further information on this service.

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